In the Art Room

A Change is Gonna Come

A long, long time ago (nearly two years!) I created this lil’ ole blog. I just kind of threw it together as a place to vent and gather my thoughts, with no real concern to its appearance. At the time, I had another blog (now defunct) that was receiving more attention and therefore required more of my attention in regards to its design and upkeep. I’ve tweaked this blog from time to time, changing an element here and there, but I never really gave it the full attention it deserved. Over the past two years I’ve been amazed and flattered by the attention and following ATHG has acquired. I feel it is now time (and long, long over due) to give this bloggy blog a facelift. As with all cosmetic procedures, it’s still what’s on the inside that counts, so don’t expect my content to change. But hopefully, after the work is done, my outside will finally match my “snarky” insides. Stay tuned!

Are there any design features/elements you would like to see added or removed?


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