A Day In the Life, Dear Students

It’s Game Time!

C’mon, 1st Grade boys and girls!
Gather round!
It’s your favorite time again!

Time… to…


Want to play along?
You know you do…

Grab a card and join the fun!*

Looking for a challenge?

Join me this year in trying to fill one card per class! 

1st Grade art class has never been this fun before!

(If you do want to play and you share your card on your blog, please make sure you link back to this post. No blog? Share your photo on the ATHG Facebook page!)

Edited to add: (Let’s be fair, one square per incident!)
*To “grab a card”, simply click on the image to view it, and then right click on the image and save it to your computer. You can then edit it in any photo editing program to add your own tokens.


7 thoughts on “It’s Game Time!

  1. I will share your awesome game with all caretakers & teachers I can think of. As long as we don't focus on how quickly any of us get BINGO it's fun!
    (Game clarification: Does incessant crotch grabbing count as 'hand in pants'?)


  2. baaahaaaa! I had slavia and tears this morning before 9:15 with one of my kindergarten students. Worst part was it was not me that coused it, it was something he got in trouble for in the hall on the way to my class! And to make it even better he howled at the top of his lungs for the first half of the class, until I threatened to call the principal down to come and get him for disrupting my class—UGH!!!


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