In the Art Room

5 Reasons Why You Should Vote for ATHG as Art Ed Blog of the Year

  1. Art Teachers Hate Glitter is a unique art education blog. Quick. Name your top 5 favorite art ed humor blogs. What’s that? You could only come up with one? Hmm… that’s what I thought. There are a lot of great art ed blogs out there with fabulous lesson plans, beautiful photos of student artwork and tons of fantastic classroom advice. Mine is not one of those (but I sure am honored to be nominated along with them).
  2. I’m not afraid to tackle the tough topics. Like feces, and head lice, and poorly designed art materials.
  3. It’s good for my self-esteem. When my self-esteem gets a boost, I feel better about myself, and when I feel better about myself, I’m in a better mood, and when I’m in a better mood, I have more fun, and when I have more fun, I find more humor in tough situations, and when I find more humor in tough situations, I blog about them, and when I blog about them, you get to read about them, and when you read about them, you laugh, and when you laugh, you’re in a better mood too. So really, it’s for all of us.
  4. I speak for all of us. I say all the things you wish you could say. You know, like this, and this, and this.
  5. Most importantly, because you like me. You really, really like me. Er, I mean, Art Teachers Hate Glitter. You like Art Teachers Hate Glitter.  And that’s reason enough.
Head on over to The Art of Education and cast your vote! Voting closes December 14th, so don’t delay!

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